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Introduction to the JCU High Performance Computing (HPC) Unit.

Welcome to the HPRC Unit at James Cook University.  Details about current (and older) hardware may be found at HPRC Infrastructure History.  Access to HPC facilities at JCU is restricted to research staff and students - including undergraduate students working on research projects.

In addition to our local HPC resources, JCU is a member of the Queensland Cyber-Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF).  This membership entitles researchers at JCU to request an allocation of time on the QCIF systems housed at the University of Queensland.   The National Compute Infrastructure (NCI) have established a national facility at the Australian National University (ANU).  NCI have periodic calls for applications from researchers to request CPU time (on merit) to the national facility.  Further details of the Merit Allocation Scheme are available at the NCI site.

List of Services Provided by HPC

  • RedHat Linux compute farm - ability to run hundreds of jobs in parallel.
  • Customized Linux compute environments (VMs).
  • Custom services -- e.g., website and/or database hosting (VMs).
  • Storage -- Fileshares, HSM/Archiving, and Backups.
  • Computing advice and support (focus on research).

Visualisation Resources

JCU Access Grid nodes are also available for large (multi-site) video conferencing and for researchers requiring a large screen for visualization of 2-D data.

History of HPC at JCU

A history of HPRC infrastructre can be found here.
The HPC Unit works closely with the JCU eResearch Centre.

Essential Information

As a potential/current HPC user you should:

If you are interested, you can also find out about how we've got HPC Setup .